My name is Robert and I’ve been traveling now for four years. Not full time but will be out of the USA for about two to three months. When I do travel it’s usually solo and backpacking through rural areas. I’ve been to 30 countries in the last four years. Not much for true traveling standards but I’m far from finished. What started as a purely volunteer trip has turned into trekking, climbing, and exploration. What started with New Zealand now includes countries such as Venezuela, Nepal, and Spain. My goal is to travel full time and to go to more rural places backpacking. I’m also on a mission to climb the seven summits. This quest will be over a 8 year period. The mission of this blog is to not only document, but take you along with me on all these journeys around the world.


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Camino de Santiago Day 8

When I woke up at 6am, I began gathering my things and thought about the night before. Adventuring below the chapel and taking part in the ceremony was truly amazing. It became one of my Read more…