In my first post I talked about how I’ve been traveling off and on for 4 years. The goal is to one day do so full time. This travel video covers many of the countries I’ve been to but sadly not all of them. The song played is a favorite of mine that I listen to before I go on another journey. It gets me in the traveler state of mind. It also brings me back to my past journys. Feel free to check it out and come down memory lane with me. It will give you a taste as to what I will write in my blog posts and what future trips will look like. 

Check it out here! 4 years of travel

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I've traveled over the last four years off and on. Been to 26 countries since I graduated from Cal State Fullerton. Mostly do solo backpacking and trekking. I'm also a parkour athlete who works medical with a Pro Freerunning team named Tempest. I also used to compete on American Ninja Warrior.

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