The Art of Being Grateful ( Happy lessons learned through travel)

Gratefulness leads to being happy. Not the other way around. Everyday of living is something to be happy about. Whether it’s eating some food or even not feeling pain. It’s something we never really think about. We live our lives day to day not thinking about the small blessings all around us. Not everyone has a family or even a place to call home. These things we take for granted until it’s too late and possibly gone forever. This leads into being in the moment and not looking at what we want but what we have.

This brings me to my most recent trip to Venezuela. I’m came here for some trekking and climbing. I ended up getting more than what I bargained for. Now I got into the Caracas international airport at 1:30am and met with a local who I would be with over the next couple of weeks. His name is Ricardo and we had a lot to talk about once I got in. I wish I had recorded this conversation as it is one of my favorites I’ve had in traveling. For those of you who don’t know. Venezuela especially Caracas is a very dangerous place. The economy is currently the worlds worst performing. With a government that is very corrupt with little to no food. People are robbed on a regular basis whether it be from citizens or the police. Even though people have tried to protest, things don’t seem to be getting any better as the local weapons can’t do anything against government forces. Even though the situation is bleak. The people here are strong and speak of hope. They are grateful for all the small things in life such as their families and loved ones.  They don’t focus on everything that is wrong. For if they did, I think they would have become crazy by now. To me it was a lesson about being able to look around your surroundings and appreciating all the small things in life. Being able to get good food without waiting in line for 4 hours. Being able to walk outside without a high chance of getting robbed or killed. Looking at everything around you with a smile knowing that at that moment life is at its best with every breath you take. This is the day to day source of happiness and love for everything. We all have a choice in life. You can either live in a angry or blissful state. One will only do you harm while the other will help elevate your life.

About to go over the edge in Venezuela
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