The Art of Staying Calm


Being happy is also knowing when to be calm in different types of situations. When a bad thing happens, the first response is to get angry and be blinded by that emotion. Now clearly if something great happens you should live and be in that moment. I’ll be writing more about how important it is to stay calm when negative events happen. Negative moments are going to happen whether small or large. Most of the time it’s outside our control. One thing we do have total control over is our response. Being angry will not only blind you from a solution but cause only harm to yourself. So the first tip is to be angry, but ONLY for a couple of minutes depending on the situation. Then let go of the anger and start using that energy to think of solutions. The other aspect to this is how much actual value does the event have. Many times when we get upset, the event itself wasn’t even that important to get angry about in the first place. Always look at the problem and first ask yourself if it’s a real problem. Sometimes the problem can turn into a blessing and this leads me into my travel story.

Staying calm is a skill you develop quickly the more you travel. With last minute changes can be very stressful. However in this story, it will turn into one of the best things that has ever happened. I was flying back home from Greece to the USA. I had booked a flight with Turkish Airlines which takes me through Istanbul. My flight from Athens to Istanbul was late and lead to me missing my flight back home to Los Angeles. Now of course I’m stressing out since this hasn’t happened to me before and I don’t know what to do. Of course this messes with my plans as far as getting back is concerned. I immediately go into negative thinking. The older woman sitting next to me says to stay calm and that everything will fine. I of course don’t listen to her wisdom and worried about it for the rest of the flight. Looking back at it now, even if it was a bad situation. Worrying about it in the plane was going to do nothing for me except make me more stressed out. We land in Istanbul and I’m told to either pay $30 for a visa or just sleep in the airport since the next earliest flight will be tomorrow. I decide to pay the $30 and get a visa. Once officially in the country, I get my stuff and wait with a handful of others next to a Starbucks in the lobby. The airlines will be taking care of us for the hotel and food for the night! That was a great surprise! We get to the hotel by van and right away I notice just how beautiful Istanbul is. I really enjoyed all the buildings and the landscape. We get to the hotel and it’s nice! With a great location near the Blue Mosque. I of course decide to head out on my own and explore the city. What I saw ended up being some of the best memories I have. From the mosques to the Grand Bazaar. I was impressed with not only how amazing the food is but how nice the people are here. I spent the rest of the day exploring. Then woke up early the next morning to get some pics and experience a morning in Istanbul away from the hotel. Just an amazing place. I then took the van sadly back to the airport and boarded my flight back home. What I took away from the whole experience is to never stress out because it might turn into one of the best things to ever happen to you.

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