China: How unexpected life can be

Life can go from stable to crazy in a heart beat. I haven’t worked abroad as much as I want to. Getting paid to travel is the ultimate dream for me. So I get a last minute call from Nike to go to China and work on some athletes. The pay is good and all expenses covered. So what’s the problem? I leave in five days!!! I could of just said no, but these are the moments that don’t come often. So I said yes and had to apply for a visa as soon as possible (tomorrow) and let people know what is going on. The trip will be short, but a lot to do for an unexpected work trip to China. 

I apply for the visa which was a pain in the butt, still nothing compared to Venezuelas visa though and get it expedited…so that wont come in until Wednesday with me leaving Thursday morning. Once again coming to the skin of my teeth with this. I soon find myself getting up at 2:30am to catch an early flight to San Francisco, then soon to Baijing. China has always been on the list to visit but I never thought it would happen this year. Definitely didn’t think it would happen with me getting paid for it. 

I land in China with a translator waiting for me. It was a long flight on United ( Not recommended to fly United).  We soon take the metro to the train station, still can’t believe I’m here. One of the first things we do is get food. My first impression isn’t great as Chines food can be known as greasy. My diet back home consists of mostly vegetables and finding something fresh becaome a quick problem. We soon get on a train and head to Jinan. This is where I’ll be working with Track and field. I was put up in a hotel where I treated athletes ( I’m a Certified Athletic Trainer), doing mostly only rehab and taping. After being cooped up in the hotel room for a couple of days.  My translator takes me on a small hike to the top of a local mountain. On the top is a radio tower where we climbed it to the top. In this moment, I’m looking out and can’t believe where life has taken me in a short amount of time. Life can be the most unexpected thing from one moment to the next. If you would’ve told me two weeks ago that would be climbing to the top of radio tower in China. I probably would have thought you lost your mind. Rolling with the punches and doing what you love is what life is all about. I’m right now in Harbin working with their combat sports team and still in disbelief that I’m here. I’ve traveled to 26 countries, but this is the most unexpected trip I’ve ever been on. ​



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