The Art of Appreciation 

In life it’s very easy to lose sight of all the things going for us. It’s almost human nature to only focus on all the wrong things. Even when their are many more things going right. Life could be so much worst and most of us don’t need to worry about the next meal or where to get available clean water. Ultimately we all have only so much time on this planet and you can choose to either focus on the good or the negative. The one thing I want to get across is first understanding that your biggest enemy will always be you. Even when times are great and especially when they are tough. Looking at all the good in your life,  no matter how small. Can be the bump to get you back in the right direction. 

 I recently came back from China on work and started looking at what next. I see people doing so much. It motivates me to get up and go. Now many people would see others doing great things and use that to bring them down. This is where jealousy and hate usually come in. You begin to project on the person what you’re feeling on the inside. This is of course self destructive and will only lead to more harm on yourself. Even now, I’m essentially beginning to do what my dream is. Get paid to travel. The ultimate goal is to travel full time and that will come with working to make it happen. Even then, negative thoughts still sneak into my mind. No one is perfect and admitting that to yourself is a major step in the right direction. Nothing kills the right motivation then using jealousy for either revenge or a release of negative energy. The right motivation comes from having appreciation for where you are now and knowing you can get to a better place. 

Sunset in Harbin China. Not many people get to even leave their own country let alone get paid for it. An appreciation that helps me flush out the negative thoughts. 

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