The Art of the Unplanned

One of the best things travel has taught me is “going with the flow”. I can’t tell you how many times through a trip where things that you just didn’t see coming happen and now you have to adjust. One of the most important things I can get across in this post is to never freak out when things go wrong! Use that energy to think of solutions and ways to either get out of the bind or work with it. Just like with life, in travel things don’t go exactly according to plan. We are so afraid of random situations sometimes because it’s about as unknown as can get. In fact, I believe it’s one of the main reasons people don’t travel. We use excuses like money and time. however, if you want it bad enough. You will find the money and time. Ultimately we like routines because we already know the end result. However, we can’t grow as an individual if we are only exposing ourselves to the same experiences. This leads to my latest story in China and how random usually leads to a story to tell afterwards.

Sky Plank on Huashan Mountain has been a dream of mine for years. I saw a video a few years ago and have been obsessed to go myself. Luckily, I’ve lately been going to China for work and knew I could do this. First I had to get a bullet train to Xi’an from Beijing. I was going to stay there for three days ( very happy I did). Anyway, the first couple of days saw bad weather. No problem, I just did other activities around the city. On the last day, the weather is great. The problem is I messed up! Just as a tip, always have your passport when getting any train transport around China. I forgot mine when getting my bullet train ticket to Huashan and it cost me precious hours having to go back and get it. I still made it to the mountain by 1:30pm. I hustled hard to get up and was one of the last people to the Sky Plank…now getting back down was a different story. With the mountain now closed, it was time to head back down in the dark. Befriending a couple also in the same boat ended up being a life saver. It took a few hours to get down (That was a journey in itself). Then getting a taxi to the train station was also a challenge but we were lucky enough to get the last train back to Xi’an. Only problem is we’ll be getting in at 1:30am (turns out it would 3am) since the train got stuck. Then getting back having to haggle with a taxi to my hosts apartment at 4am only to get up a few hours later to head back to Beijing. Now I could’ve decided it was not worth the hassle when I forgot my passport. However, now I have a story and new friends that will be with me for the rest of my life. The point is to introduce random in your life as much as possible. It will not only build confidence in yourself. You’ll gain a new appreciation for life with everyday being a possible adventure.

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