The Art of Kindness

One of the best qualities of happiness is genuine kindness. Feeling it in your soul then bringing it out to the world around you. If you’re not a happy person then it’s simply not possible. It will come across as “fake” and others will notice. One of the keys for me is not is not to try and understand the person. Only that people are human and we all have our struggles through life . Being the your best you as much as possible is not easy, but when it becomes genuine. Then it doesn’t feel like it’s draining you, but giving you energy. Looking deep into your inner kind self not only sends out that energy, it also attracts that kind of energy. I’m going to share two stories that happened over yesterday and today while traveling through Jordan that I feel highlight both point of views.
In terms of attracting kindness. Yesterday myself and two new Spanish friends needed help getting from Jerash to Amman. Yesterday was also Friday ( the US version of Sunday). Basically, not everything will be open and buses may not be running. We decided to hire a private car going back. Everything was going great until we got a flat tire a little over halfway to Amman. There was a local passenger in the car who offered to help us get another taxi. We agreed and next thing you know, we are all on our way. The taxi then stopped at an office and the local gets out. Problem is that we are still no where near where we need to be and the taxi wanted a lot of money to get us there. So we got out and the next thing you know the local from the taxi starts helping us to get other transport to our destination. Other local buses were near by and those drivers then starting helping us as well. Even though they couldn’t speak a lot of English. We were still able to understand between all of them. We got into a small bus and ultimately got to our destination. Is was  amazing to see the locals do everything they could to help us and then seeing the smile on their faces when they knew we were starting to understand. The kindness from the local Jordanian people has blown me away. Everyone here all says “welcome to Jordan” with a smile on their face. 🙂

The other side of it happened this morning, but started yesterday. I met this older woman yesterday before I left for Jerash at the hostel. I was trying to get instructions on how to get there from one of the workers and this woman starts talking in a rude tone. I didn’t appreciate it and eventually just tuned her out. She ended up walking away. The next morning I see her with a smile on my face. I let yesterday go and started joking with her. Everyone has their battles and I didn’t want to pretend I knew hers. She then began talking to me and I listened with 100% attention. What I got was amazing! She ended up telling me her fascinating life story. Not only that but her world prospective and views of life in general. I was very intrigued and ended up really enjoying the talk. At the end I said thank you for your time and she replied “Thank you for listening”.


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  1. Thanks for sharing with us on you wonderful journey. It’s as if we are vicariously living through your travels which helped keep things into perspective. Kindness attracts kindness if you allow it too. Can’t wait to chat more in depth when you get homie! Be safe. Peace and blessings, my dude.

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