The Art of a Moment 

One of the most important lessons traveling has taught me is being able to appreciate being in the moment. In many of my travels I’ve learned to take into account the things we take for granted everyday. An example of this is the ability to walk or see. Many of us don’t know what it’s like to not have those abilities, but when you no longer do. You then begin to wish you had that back and will probably do about anything to be able to walk or see again. I’ve seen people in different settings around the world who don’t have access to clean water or live in a very dangerous environment where they fear for their safety. We get very used to the “mundain” that we forget the magic that is all around us.

When I was in Nepal. I was in Kathmandu before heading into the Himalayas for some trekking. This was months after the earthquake. The citizens were still recovering with very little help from the government. Many of the buildings could collapse at any moment. Many of the locals were still living out of camps. When I talked to the people there, they said that they haven’t received any money for assistance. Just having electricity was considered a luxury. This is how most of the world lives. Nepal is lucky enough to not deal with wars since no country is crazy enough to invade them. However, imagine what it’s like living in a refugee camp and dealing with the very real possibility of a bomb being dropped on you or a human bomb going off. Having a bed and safety is something many of us take for granted. We focus on all the non important issues in our life. Just taking time to look around and being grateful for that moment will make you appreciate every breath you take. Thus making life a much more rewarding journey in the process.

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