The Art of 2018


I’m happy to say, I found direction and a path as to what I want in life in 2017. I was conflicted before, but especially near the end of the year, I found in myself what truly motivates me. I had the opportunity to work more internationally. Even though I’m proud of that, I know I can do more. As much as I enjoyed this year, what I got most was a level of clarity and focus that I had never experienced before. Now, I am willing to take the risks and am ready to progress to the next level. I already know 2018 is going to be a great year, because the work will happen today with the focus on tomorrow.

“A New Year. A new me”. This is probably one of the most frequent sayings people hear. Basically, stating that new changes are going to happen because of the New Year. You get all these New Year resolutions and after a couple of months, it’s like you never made them to begin with. If that is the attitude for you, then I’m sorry to say that you will probably not reach your goals. Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure you’ll be motivated at the begining. Then start looking at excuses as the year progresses. Why? Because we look at the year, not the day. Right now what are you doing (obviously your reading my blog lol ), but generally speaking? Looking at the new year with such optimism should be the same way we approach everyday. What are you doing to reach your dream future? I’ve recently have heard three words that are starting to take root in my life. “Discipline equals freedom”. Looking down the road, I see myself living a lifestyle of freedom to see the world in an adventurous way. I can see it with clearity and focus. I can see how it makes me feel backpacking in Patagonia or going through Malawi on my way to Tanzania. The drive and work to live your dreams starts everyday when you open your eye’s. So, instead of waiting for 2018, start working now for your future.

All these pics are from this year (2017). Enjoy!











2017 officially is in the books! Let’s make each day count for something in 2018 and beyond!

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  1. Enjoyed this reflection!!

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