Podcast Episode 3: Melle

This post is about giving more insight into episode 3. I had originally met Melle in Venezuela on expedition to Angel Falls. I had flown in from Ecuador and got into Caracas at 1:30am. There I met up with a team member and waited until 4:30am to get picked up from the International airport to the national airport. The reason we couldn’t just walk on over (about a 10 minute walk) was because it was too dangerous. When we got picked up and arrived to the national airport. I was very sleep deprived upon meeting Melle and his girlfriend Laura (who you will hear on the next episode). We then headed to a small camp in the middle of no where by two small planes. One being a small cessna. After that night, we started the journey to Angel Falls. The next few days would be a journey I would never forget. Melle and I would get into deep conversations about life and the crazy journey we were on.

Fast forward from then to when I see Melle again in my home in Los Angeles. I thought it would be good to do a podcast episode together to not only share our experience in Venezuela. Also to share what we had discussed while on expedition. The podcast itself is dense in informations as we cover many topics including how we trade time for material wealth. Appreciating small gifts in life and how age can turn into a limit we place on ourselves. So catch the episode and hear for yourself the stories and lessons we learned up until now.

Podcast: https://pcr.apple.com/id1332413224

Melle’s youtube video of the trip:

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