Podcast Episode 4: Laura

In this episode, Laura comes to Los Angeles to visit and share her experience of our trip to Angel Falls in Venezuela. Not only do we cover her view of the climb, we also talk about her impression of the trip in general. When I met her and her boyfriend Melle ( from episode 3), they were on a full year travel journey. One of my personal dreams is to do a trip for more than a year. It’s always exciting to meet other travelers who are on that path.

Another great topic that I enjoyed talking about was how we handle fear and that exciting feeling you get when you overcome it. Not to mention the confidence booster you get for the rest of your life because you proved to yourself that you are strong. This brings yourself true value. You then internalize it and take with you which then increases your confidence. This is what it means by traveling is an investment in yourself. There are experiences in life that can only happen when you travel. The growth you gain from it changes your perspective. You also gain an appreciation for all the small moments in life. One thing that really stuck with me in the podcast is when Laura says ” Jobs are for your pockets. Adventure is for your soul”. In order to truly live, our soul must feel alive!



Melle’s and Laura’s travel video of the trip:

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