The Camino de Santiago

The French/ Spain boarder

Hello everyone!

A couple of years ago I walked the Camino de Santiago de Compostela on the French way. It took 31 days and after every day I did a journal entry of my hike and experience. Recently I have had people ask me to do a post about it. So, I’m dusting my journal off and will be doing a day by day write up. So you guys can get a feel of either what to expect or  want to live it through my eyes. Either way, I want to share with you an experience that had a large impact on my life. However, before I start writing about this journey. I want to hear what you want to see in the posts. What will make it worth your time and more importantly what information will help you the most. So please comment or email me at I’ll start posting my stories in a week. Thank you for reading and looking forward to sharing!

12 thoughts on “The Camino de Santiago

  1. hey love this. I love traveling but I’m stuck right here in my castle. Honestly anything would be great to read, and see. Like I’m on the journey

    1. I’ll definitely keep that in mind! Thank you for your feedback! I know it’s easier said then done, try to get out there. Most of the time it’s all in our heads. One of my goals for this blog and podcast is to push others to go after their dreams. I’m here to help with any info if you need it. Let me know how you like the blogs as I post them. Thanks for reading. 😊

      1. Sure thing my friend

      2. Hey The Count Gustaf, how is it going? Have you had a chance to read the Camino de Santiago postings yet? Let me know what you think!

      3. Am reading it right away, Sorry been busy off the blog, so haven’t had a chance to go through my reader

      4. Hey, when i click on your blog link, it comes up as deleted, or unavailable

      5. It does! Oh noo! Ok, thank you! Happy I asked you to check on it lol

      6. I don’t know. I checked everything and it seems to be working ok. Does it still do that?

      7. the authors have deleted this site
        is what comes up

  2. Have you tried going to It’s odd, because it seems to be working. I’ll just try to republish and see if that works.

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