Episode 6: Jordan

One minute you don’t like someone and the next minute you’re having a deep conversation about life. This is how this podcast episode started. The day before I recorded this episode, I was on my way to Jerash from Amman. I was doing this on a Friday, Which is the holy day for the Muslim religion. So getting transport would be more challenging. However, when I have a goal in mind. I don’t want to dwell on roadblocks (pun intended). Anyway, I was talking to the hostel host about how I could get there and this older lady comes out of her room and sits on a couch and says in a rude tone ” It’s the holy day, what are you thinking trying to go out there?”. I looked at her and said “It’s none of your business what I choose to do with my day”. At that point I ignored her and got the info I needed and off I went.

The next day I walk into the lobby and see the older woman sitting there. I just smiled and said hello. Sat down and to eat my breakfast. I didn’t bring yesterday up because to be honest it didn’t matter. What happened next was amazing. We just started talking. She shared her story with me and I said wait, I must record this. Of course it’s tough being in a lobby at a hostel trying to record a episode. However, you do what you have to do. The conversation was a great. Unfortunately, some of the information about her life didn’t make it in. I was hoping she would share her story about living in the desert for 10 years and the struggles she has faced in her life. Now I will say I didn’t agree with everything she said. However, it’s important to get other perspectives of the world out there. That’s the whole point of the show. So sit back and enjoy this weeks episode of The Art of Happy Travels!

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3 thoughts on “Episode 6: Jordan

  1. Hey it opened on my reader. This is so great. The first picture is mind blowing. Wish you’d share some more details about the lady and her life

    1. Awesome! Yea, I believe I can add a bit more about her life. Unfortunately on some stuff she was vague on, but I can for sure add some extra info! Thanks for the feedback! Is the Camino posts still not working?

      1. It opens on my reader, but not when I click on the link of your blog

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