Podcast episode 7: Didi from Morocco 

I’m excited to have Didi on the show. He was one of the reasons that motivated me to get this show going in the first place. He’s a professional freerunner from Morocco who is also Muslim. Not only is he talented, he is a genuine good guy who is very humble. He is also very dedicated to the sport and shows it through the years of hard work. The reason I thought of Didi when deciding to do this show was a particular incident that happened to him a couple of years ago. We go over it in the episode. However, how he responded was beautiful and something worth sharing.

Other topics we discus are his culture and how traveling has impacted him personally. The big thing I really liked what we talked about is how he views hard work. He doesn’t allow anything to stand between him and his dreams. I can attest to this by saying his work has gotten him out of Morocco and now living in Europe. He is paid to teach and be a pro freerunner. Best of all he gets to live a life that he can truly call his own. So sit back and enjoy another episode of the Art of Happy Travels.

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3 thoughts on “Podcast episode 7: Didi from Morocco 

  1. Nice photos, and well written!
    Makes me want to go there 🙂

    1. Thank you for the comment and I’m happy you like it! Santorini is a beautiful place. If you ever go, let me know! I’ve been a few times and can give some tips on the island. 😊

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