Day 2: The Camino de Santiago

When I awoke at 5:40, I could already tell it was going to be a dreary day. The sky was overcast and clouds were rolling in from the distance. Once I woke up the others and we got ready to leave at 6:30, it had begun to rain. With ponchos on and rain clothes underneath, we started our three km walk to get some light breakfast. After we ate, we took a trip to a market to get some more food for the day’s journey. Then, we were off walking from village to village in the rain. To be honest, it wasn’t too bad. I even began to enjoy it. The sounds it makes as it hits the trees and rocks is soothing and almost mesmerizing. At that moment, I started thinking about how we perceive things that are categorized as “bad” in our lives and rain is a great example. I could look at it as a negative thing or positive. Either way I’m still walking in it. The rain is something I can’t control, but how I interpret it is 100% in my control. So I started to enjoy every drop.

We walked for hours. Eventually, I started to fall behind because the scenery is just to amazing to walk right through. Of course, I couldn’t resist taking it all in and breathing the fresh air. I still can’t believe I’m doing this. However, here I am…walking by cows and sheep in the countryside of this beautiful and exotic place. I arrived at the next village a little after the others and I was happy to see Logan and Fred sitting down enjoying the break. The rain had subsided for now, so they were laying out and drying off their boots. We then got our gear and walked into the village to find a albergue to sleep in for the night. The village is small with just a handful of buildings scattered about their main square. Luckily, they have a small bank so I was able to get some Euros to make up for the ones I had “lost” in Paris. When I walked out of the bank, I saw a cyclist group pedaling about the village and it reminded me of the first day of my trip. I had started to become friends with another cyclist group, but you quickly realize that there isn’t any point in creating strong bonds since you’ll probably never see them again. It’s sad to think about, but it’s satisfying to have the company and create memories while you’re with them. We then found a bar, got a beer, and hung out. This is what traveling life is all about, treking from village to village getting drinks and sharing stories.

After our time at the bar, we headed back to join Smarta at the market where she wanted to get ingredients to make soup. She ended up sharing her soup with me! It was very kind of her. As we sat around the table back at the albergue, three girls walked in named Colette, Emily, and Evangeline. They decided to join us for lunch, so we all started talking about the day. I found out that Emily is studying Geology and so is Logan! I brought Logan into the conversation and they instantly began talking in their foreign Geology language. I enjoyed it, even though most of the time I had no idea what they were discussing. Later on, I went to the main room to lay down and think about our much shorter day today than yesterday. As I laid there, I realized that my left knee is in a little pain, but it will be fine. Only two days in and I know this is the very beginning of a long journey. One that a few months ago, I didn’t even think was possible.

We all got together and headed out to dinner in the village. We ordered off the pilgrims menu, and it’s not bad at 10 Euros! Spending money wisely and efficiently is necessary on long trips like this. Dinner was fantastic; we got free wine and shared great stories of where everyone’s from and how they found out about this trail we’re all following. As dinner came to an end, another round of heavy rain was starting to come in so we decided to finish the day and head back. We got our clothes that were drying under shelter, made it back to our beds, and off to sleep I go.

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