Episode 10: One person can change everything

The top of Australia’s tallest mountain

I’m excited to have Lalith on this episode. I had originally met him in Australia when I was backpacking. I was fortunate enough to be staying in the same room with him ( You’ll find out in the podcast why). We ended up having the most fascinating conversations. Originally, he is from India and has traveled all over the world. We really hit it off when we originally met and stayed in touch ever since then.

We cover many different topics in this episode. However, One of the stories he shares is about a man from his State in India. He challenged the cast system and the traditional way of life. He fought for equal rights during a time when it no one else was doing so. Even though he didn’t get to see the changes happen for himself. His life became a symbol that created a ripple in the countries tradition where now Laliths home State no longer has many of the older laws that the other States still have. This one man helped create a more equal playing field for every citizen. We also discus how people are inherently good. Before you start judging a part of the world, you need to go there and see it first hand or at least talk to people from the country. How people will paint myths in order to justify holding on to current beliefs. It’s another deep episode. So sit back and enjoy The Art of Happy Travels.

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