Day 3: The Camino de Santiago 

We got up at about 5:45am and it’s still very wet outside. We put our rain gear on and looked at where we were going today..Pamplona! An ancient city once the central hub of the ancient Navarre Kingdom. It’s now known world wide for the running of the bulls. We started walking as we were leaving the town. The clouds are still dark overhead with a little bit of rain coming and going. As we were leaving the village, we saw some horses on a farm looking at us as we walk by. I love it out here. It’s very peaceful and relaxing. 
The rain really started to let up. We walked through a beautiful forests. Then up and down some hills. After about 20km, I noticed my left knee was hurting. It’s only day three and we find ourselves limping into the city. The 3km walk from outside the city to the central part where we would be staying was a struggle. The inner city is ancient and surrounded by a giant brick wall. We all looked like a bunch of old grannies trying to find a way in. Even walking up a flight of stairs was not worth it unless it was going in the direction we needed to go. Some of us got separated, but most of us made it to the inner part of the city. Once there, we found a place to crash! 
The albergue is large with nice beds, a kitchen, and showers. It looks like it may have been a church at one point. Now renovated and close to the central cathedral. This is home for the night.  We got some food from the local market and cooked a bit together. We talked about today and no one is looking forward to tomorrow. Soon we get our things together and get ready to head out. We found a few cafes in the ancient part of the city. We sat down and had wine, beer, shots, and just about everything else we could drink. Next thing you know, we find this crazy restaurant with bulls heads attached to the walls. We ate a bunch of ham and cheese, plus more drinks. The city itself is very much alive with a lot of young people all around. You can feel the energy. I ended up heading back to the Albergue with the girls while Logan and Fred partied a bit more. Once back, I tried to sleep only to find Logan and Fred stumbling in 10 minutes before the Albergue closed for the night. So we all goofed off again until it was finally time to go to bed…
I can’t seem to sleep. Why did I drink so much? A lot is going through my head right now and my body feels thrashed. It’s 3am when I finally pass out. 

Here is the link to the Backpack used  🙂

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