Episode 11: Enjoy Being Uncomfortable

I’m excited to have Nate Weston in this latest episode. He is a freerunner who has podiumed in six of the last eight competitions he has competed in. He continues to push the boundaries of the sport and himself. He hasn’t always had this mindset. Only a few years ago he was a shy guy who was afraid of going outside his comfort zone. With the help of free running and a community of friends. He has risen to one of the biggest names in the sport. Known for his genuine attitude and humility, Nate is one of those guys who is always encouraging those around him to push their limits.

We discussed many topics, but definitely a few things stand out. One being getting your mindset to always being in a uncomfortable state. As people we strive for comfort in all areas in our life. However, with it comes idleness and no drive to improve oneself. Essentially if you are not growing, then you are dying. Next thing we talk about is a few keys to a winning mindset and how we can use fear to push us forward to reach our goals. One quote I liked from the talk was ” Experience does for the soul what education does for the mind”. So sit back and enjoy another edition of The Art of Happy Travels.

Instagram; @nate_weston

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