In this episode, I’m excited to have on Gysmo from Switzerland. I originally met him in Los Angeles and from day one he has always had positive vibes when I’ve seen him. Since then, I’ve seen him all over the world at freerunning events. He has an obsession with Los Angeles that we discuss. We also talk about his views on travel and of course life in general. The theme of this episode is love. It’s something that Gysmo always preaches and is always spreading  through his personality and excitement of life.

One of the topics that we go into great detail is his relationship with his wife. He has been with her for over 18 years. Every time in the past we have talked about his wife, he always lights up with enthusiasm. He doesn’t come across as someone who has fallen out of love and almost seems to still be in the “honeymoon” phase. Of course no relationship is perfect. However, one of the key things that he says is after every issue is that they come together and grow as a couple. One of the key things he discusses is being able to give the other one freedom to be their own person. So sit back and enjoy another edition of The Art of Happy Travels.

Gysmos instagram: @gysmo69

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I've traveled over the last four years off and on. Been to 26 countries since I graduated from Cal State Fullerton. Mostly do solo backpacking and trekking. I'm also a parkour athlete who works medical with a Pro Freerunning team named Tempest. I also used to compete on American Ninja Warrior.


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