Episode 13: One Decision Can Change Your Life

Excited to have on Joel! A freerunner based out of Switzerland. I had originally met him in Santorini for the Red Bull Art of Motion. He is someone who is trying to live his life without any regrets. He has traveled across the USA in a van for three months. As well as Traveled to Iceland inspired by a movie and all over Europe. We discuss how he views life, which may benefit the way you do from now on.

We also talk about about a few key things that I want to go over. One is how we view not doing something because of the consequences. Keep in mind, I’m not talking about doing something that is going to get yourself killed or others. More on the lines of pushing your own boundaries in different ways. A lot of the reasons why we never act on something we want to do is fear. So one of the key things we talk about is not to focus on the negative, but the positive that could come out of it. We also talk about the power a decision can have on your life. Ultimately, not only can life change quickly. You can just as quickly change your own life.

PS- There is a cool story that involves this bridge (in the picture above) in the podcast! Enjoy

Podcast link: https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/the-art-of-happy-travels/id1332413224?mt=2

Joel’s Instagram: @Joel_eggimann

Website http://www.theartofhappytravels.com

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