Day 4: The Camino de Santiago

Today we walk to Puente La Reina! I’m very excited, although when I awoke early this morning, my left knee was in pain. I’m dreading what the walk will cause, but hopefully my knee will loosen up and it won’t hurt as much. We began our journey by making our way through the streets towards the city’s outer border. The day was slightly over cast on the beautiful countryside as we ventured further from Pamplona and towards Puente La Reina.

Eventually, we began our ascent up Alto del Perdon (‘Mount of Forgiveness’). At 750m, we were at one of the highest points in our journey. The sky had cleared up and as we stood atop the mountain, we all looked at the breath taking view of the land around us. Alto de Perdon is known for the art piece that sits on its peak, I remembered it from the movie “The Way”. It’s a cutout of pilgrims overlooking the great vista as they make their way along the Camino to Santiago. The piece was erected in 1996 out of dedication to the pilgrims that walked the Camino before us.
Below one of the statues is a phrase:
“Donde se cruza el camino del viento con el de las estrellas”
Which translated to English means:
“Where the path of the wind crosses that of thestars.”
I can’t believe I’m here. After taking it all in, we took pictures, ate lunch, and then began our descent. The sun was blisteringly hot by now and my knees were acting up. They felt inflamed and swollen so it was a struggle making my way down the mountain. The one thing that kept making me smile, though, was the fact that some of the areas we were walking through reminded me of back home in California.
We walked from village to village and finally arrived at our destination around 3pm. We were so tired that we stay at the first place we came across which luckily ended up being really nice! After getting settled in, I FaceTimed June, the girl who I’m seeing from home, and then headed out to try and walk around the village on my sore knees. Later in the evening, our group went out to get dinner at a buffet style restaurant. The fish and deserts there were amazing but the real kicker was the unlimited wine! Once I had a few glasses, I went back up to the room to prepare for a well needed night of sleep. I ended up helping out some of my pilgrims and did massage work to get their kinks out from traveling. After they were taken care of, I was finally ready to head off to bed. I’m extremely exhausted and my body could use some rest so I’m off to bed. Goodnight!

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