The Yeti Microphone Review

Hey all you creative people out there. I’m taking a break from my usual blog posts to write about something I’ve been doing recently. That of course is podcasting. I started using the Yeti microphone  by a recommendation from a friend. It’s been a great recording device with many different options and settings. Plus, it’s been user friendly with a USB attachment!

I now have used this to record seven episodes and the quality is very good. There is even a solo recording option, so it focuses only on your voice. You can even do a group recording setting or you and one other person. There is a knob on the back that allows you the make the adjustments based on what you need it for. Plus a mute button on the front of the device if you need to do so quickly.

The one major con however is the size and weight. It’s bigger then what I had expected and pretty heavy. So if you’re recording on the go. Then I definitely wouldn’t recommend it. If you plan on staying put, then that part shouldn’t matter. The quality of the product itself is pretty good and feels sturdy. I wouldn’t go throwing it around, but if I accidentally dropped it. I then wouldn’t feel too concerned if I really messed it up.

Overall Impression: I really good mic for the price. Something worth investing into, if you want something of quality that will last. However, don’t bother if you’re constantly on the move.

Here again is the link:Yeti microphone

Example of the quality of the mic from my podcast episode:

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