Day 5: The Camino de Santiago

When we all woke up, we had every intention of leaving for our next destination around 6am. Needless to say, due to all of the long days and late nights, everyone was slow to get going. After recuperating and taking our time, we were on our way to Estella! Estella is a town with a population of about 14,000. It used to be called “La Bella” because of its stunning and grand buildings and monuments. Estella became one of the main hubs for the flood of travelers on the Camino de Santiago during the 11th century and continues to carry on that tradition today! The town is large enough to easily find a place to sleep, yet compact enough to see most of the village without having to walk too far.
Once we got our things together, we exited the village across a Medieval stone bridge that crosses the river running through the town. As we walked away, I turned to look back on the little town and it’s bridge. The image of it all was so beautiful that I couldn’t help but smile. In that moment, I forgot about the knee pain, the long hikes, moving from place to place, from bed to bed, and from group to group. I just appreciated being immersed in this adventure through Spain and trekking on the centuries old tradition of the Camino. This is only the fifth day, but it feels like I’ve been here for weeks because so much has already happened! They say that a week on the Camino is equivalent to a month back home and now I understand why. Everyday’s very dense with hard work, yet the days are free from overthinking. It allows you to clear your mind and be in the moment, which is how life should be lived. It truly is an incredible place to learn a lot about yourself and what it means to live the way you deserve.
We continued on hiking for hours. The day was cloudy and, along the way, we saw the world planted on the side of a hill. There was such a vast amount of different vegetation and wildlife. It was a magical moment that made me appreciate everything the earth has to offer. After that, it wasn’t too much longer until we got to Estella. The beautiful old medieval town is rich in history. It was founded by Sancho Ramirez, the king of Navarre, in 1090 in order to attend to the many travelers along the Pilgrim’s Way to Santiago de Compostela.
Once in town, we began looking for a hostel until Logan mentioned us trying to find a “donativo”. A donativo is a building that runs on donations from the pilgrims who stay there. At first, I questioned the idea of a donativo because didn’t sound as well taken care of as a hostel, but then again, whatever can be a roof over our head works for me. After walking around town for a bit, we ended up finding a donativo that was really nice! When we were all checked in, I stretched for about an hour or so and then I started doing rehab on my knee which was becoming rather painful. To be honest, I’m unsure as to whether I will be able to make it to the end or not, but I will definitely do my best!
I fell asleep for about three hours and awoke to everyone getting ready to go out. We began exploring every inch that we could and made sure to grab snacks for another long day tomorrow. After that, we decided it was time to find a place to eat so we could call it a night and sleep well. We found this cool little rustic restaurant that was lined with barrels of wine set into the walls. I had a delicious meal of white asparagus with rabbit and flan for dessert. After we got back to the donativo, Logan bought three boxes of wine and everyone stayed up to party.  I wanted to have a drink with everyone, but I developed a cough and last thing I want to do is put something in my body that could add to me getting sick. I was extremely tired and ready for bed anyway, so I passed out pretty quickly to be well rested for tomorrow!

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