Day 6: The Camino de Santiago

We woke up, got dressed, and began our hike at 7am. The day was perfectly sunny, not too hot, and it looked like it was going to stay that way! After a kilometer of hiking, we arrived at the famous wine fountain Bodegas Irache! One of the best pick-me-ups of the trip! It’s free wine that comes out of a faucet on a wall that was built for travelers. The wine’s there to give all pilgrims a free drink and lift spirits in order to push onward on the journey towards Santiago. After taking a rest and having some wine, I put a little more in my water canteen and we continued on our way through the beautiful landscape. The terrain wasn’t too difficult that day, but it was consistently changing. When we first began, we had to climb up a large hill which was the most challenging route of the two options. Luckily, my left knee held up great and didn’t give me much of a problem! After we conquered the hill, we continued on across a flatter landscape full of remote farmlands and vineyards. I truly loved walking through the stunning scenery while being shaded by large olive trees that littered the grounds.
The walk went by fast and, before we knew it, we had arrived in Los Arcos! The village is small but full of ancient history. It was built in the late 11th century after a discovery of old Roman mines; the town is rich is wine and has seen many battles! Since it didn’t take us too long to travel, I felt good enough to move on but I decided to stay with the group here for the night. Once we found a nice albergue to check into, we spent the rest of the evening exploring the village, having great drinks, and discussing every topic that we could. The discussions really picked up my mood as we got further into debates on the world and what could be changed within it. Later on in the evening, it begun to rain so we took our discussions back home to the albergue. During dinner, the girls introduced us to a guy from Sweden who was a fellow pilgrim and would be joining us the following day. I ate and drank with everyone until I decided to head back to my room and get ready for the next day. As I laid in bed that night, the topics of our conversations kept rolling around in my head.
As we grow older, we tend to see more and more problems with the world around us. It’s hard to imagine issues being fully resolved and you begin to think change is impossible. You start seeing people who have hopes of changing the world as something that will lead nowhere. You think their desires are unrealistic and should be refocused towards something practical. For me, it’s painful knowing that we view change in this way. That there is such little hope to the point where we don’t even want to try taking steps forward and we dismiss those who do. We should all view change as starting with ourselves. If we change habits that we have that can better the world, we can spread that to others. Start simple and take it one step at a time. Don’t view it as a race but as a journey. The conversation was a perfect example of what I love about this trip. Being out here opens your mind and allows you time for reflection on yourself and your environments. With keeping that in mind, it’s time for me to head to bed. Bueños noches everyone.
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