Episode 16: The Backpackers Mindset

This is the picture Bernhard talks about in his podcast. (He’s wearing a green shirt)

It seems at times fellow travelers have a similar mindset. When you come across one, you just know. This was the case in this podcast episode. I met Bernard through a friend and episode 12 guest Gysmo. Gysmo insisted that I met his friend and luckily enough, we were able to met. We hit it off right away and I knew he would be a great guest on the show. We had originally recorded and episode a couple of months ago but the quality wasn’t great and we had to re-do it. I’m very happy we did though as this episode was much less structured with more of a free feel to it.

Bernhard is from and currently lives in Switzerland. However, he has an interesting story. He started traveling at the age of 16 when he did a year abroad in Detroit. He ended up building a very strong connection with them. So much so that they left him a key and he has since visited them ten more times since! He has been backpacking through Costa Rica and Jamaica. Also picked up a job in India as a intern through his university. We talked about the difference between a tourist and a backpacker. How traveling has shaped his relationships with friends and family alike. We also discuss what he ended up getting out of his work experience in India and how seeing the Himalayas turned into a humbling experience. So sit back and enjoy another episode of The Art of Happy Travels.

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