Camino de Santiago Day 8


When I woke up at 6am, I began gathering my things and thought about the night before. Adventuring below the chapel and taking part in the ceremony was truly amazing. It became one of my favorite nights on this trip! The new destination today is a long 29km walk to Najera, but luckily a large majority of the hike is just leaving the city through all of its suburbs. When I arrived to the first village, called Navarrete, I ran into the Italians yet again! We all talked over some free tea and snacks and then went into the town’s beautiful old church with large golden walls. Navarrete has done an amazing job at maintaining it’s beauty since the 16th century! After wandering town a bit, I left on my own to go hike through some fields and farmland. I stopped by a farm where they sold cheap wine at 70 cents a glass! Of course I had to have a glass at that price, there’s no way I could turn that down! During this time, the Italians caught up and joined me in a drink. We talked about the stunning area…but more importantly, how crazy cheap the wine is. Afterwards, we all continued on our way to Najera.


We arrived to town around 3pm as the clouds were starting to take over the sky. Najera was the capital of the Navarre kingdom in the 11th and 12th centuries. It was a beautiful old town full of history and amazing streets to wander among. After a while of adventuring, the Italians and I found an albergue to stay in. Once we got our things settled, we got some beers and talked about the day. A few of the guys went and bought pasta at a local store so we could all cook it for dinner and eat together. It was such a great time to just cook and socialize with everyone. It almost felt like being back home in the states for a nice family meal! Once we were done with the delicious Italian food, it was time to head off to bed for another day of travel tomorrow. It’s been a long day and I’m looking forward to the next destination! Good night!
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3 thoughts on “Camino de Santiago Day 8

  1. Awesome photos! Thanks for sharing your journey! The El Camino is on my bucket list.

    1. theartofhappytravels October 28, 2018 — 5:23 am

      Of course! Definitely a journey worth taking. 🙂

    2. theartofhappytravels October 28, 2018 — 5:23 am

      Of course! Definitely a journey worth taking! 🙂

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